Pattern Play Foliage - by Mahani Del Borrello for Picturette Did you know that the temporary images Google sometimes places on it's home page are called Google Doodles? I didn't until now. And the only reason I found out is because one of these google doodles caught my eye and inspired this pattern. Anna Atkins was a British botanist and photographer. Using the sun, Atkins created beautiful cyanotypes of algae and ferns, they are thought to be the first photographic images printed in a book! Google celebreated her 216th birthday with this image.


Pattern Play Tulips - by Mahani Del Borrello for Picturette Playing around with watercolours today. Why does it look so easy when you watch someone else paint? This took me ages, I really need to practice with this medium.

Tip: don't keep your brush water near your drinking water unless you want to drink it!

Happy Friday :)


blog_lola In light of my recent tweet to post more regularly I thought that I had better stop thinking about it and actually post something! I haven't been drawing as much as I would like lately and keep promising myself that I will  but before i know it my days seem to be gobbled up with assignments, appointments and various other distractions. So I dug through my archives and came across these little illustrations, I drew them for a possible magazine feature that never eventuated. I thought that they were too pretty not to see the light of day so here they are. And here's hoping I manage to put pencil to paper more often! :)



J&L_Portrait Gosh! It feels like I haven't posted anything in ages. With family in town and university starting again I have been struggling to settle into a routine. And since I completed 52 Fridays I haven't felt much of an urge to pick up a pencil—except for the illustration above. A good friend of mine celebrated 5 years of marriage recently and she asked me to draw a little portrait of her and her husband. Happy anniversary you two! Perhaps this could be the start of a new project? Portraits maybe? Monthly mugshots?


Flutter – week forty.

Ugh! I spent more time looking for something to draw than actually drawing today. I try not to leave it until the last minute as it always seems harder, I don't like rushing and my inspiration seems to struggle under pressure, but sometimes things just get in the way. I'm sure you all know what I mean :)