I finally managed to get down to Sculpture by the Sea on the weekend. Ever since I moved to Sydney I have been meaning to check it out but I kept leaving it until the last minute and then for some reason I would never get there. I saw the sculpture park in Western Australia a couple of times, so I am happy I finally got to do the coastal walk on the opposite side of Australia! The walk between Bondi and Tamarama is pretty breathtaking already, the sculptures literally add another dimension. Sculpture by the Sea is on again in March 2013 at Cottesloe Beach in WA and also in June 2013 at Aarhus in Denmark.

Rachel Couper & Ivana Kuzmanovska - mirador

Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir (IS) - trace - sphere - gate

Cave Urban - mengenang (memory)

Jock Clutterbuck - waterlily 2009

Dave Mercer - view tm

Paul Kaptein - and in the endless pauses, there came a sound

Kate Stehr - the drogue

Gillie & Marc Schattner - the travellers have arrived

Alex Richie - kaleidoscope cube

Right: Ruth Downes & Geoff Webster - casting around

Karin van der Molen - surprise

Kristin McIver - view piece