In a bid to keep their local streets free of graffiti, Sydney's Inner West Council devised the Perfect Match initiative. Local residents and property owners plagued with graffiti are matched with street artists who transform the unsightly publics wall into works of art. Perfect Match 2016 took place earlier this month. Having recently moved from the inner west, to New Zealand, I haven't been able to check out any of this years walls, so here are a few photographs I took from previous Perfect Matches. Artists include Fintan MageePhibs, Dallas Clark and Stephen Evans, Mulga, Jumboist,  Ears, Sid Tapia and Peque,

And while the organised tours and events associated with the Perfect Match weekend may be over, you can still download the map and take a self guided tour of this impressive outdoor gallery.















Illustrated map of inner west Sydney. It is almost 6 months since my husband and I left our little home in Sydney, for a new adventure in Auckland, New Zealand.

A couple of weeks ago I went back to Sydney to be part of an exhibition that explored Sydney's Inner West and it's inhabitants. I am quite enjoying life in Auckland but I do miss my old neighbourhood and everything it had to offer, so I drew this map as an ode to all of my favourite places, in and around Marrickville. I have since realised that my Sydney life pretty much revolved around eating and drinking—cafès, pubs and restaurants seem to dominate the landscape!

I really enjoyed working on this and am now planning a series of maps. Maybe Auckland next? It will be a good excuse for me to get out from behind my desk and explore more.

Oh! And I want to give a quick shout out to Endemic World who helped with the printing and transportation of my map. Not only do they offer fine art printing, they also stock a great range of contemporary, limited edition prints by New Zealand and international artists.


PM_Photo Usually I only post photos that I have taken on this blog, but today I am making an exception.

The two (not so) tough pooches standing guard in this picture are Yoshi and Kaze, they were photographed by My Dogs Territory. To raise funds for the Animal Welfare League, My Dog's Territory have been out and about photographing dogs of the inner west for a series of coffee table books. With Drummoyne, Annandale and Glebe completed, photographer Pierre Mardaga is now searching for dogs in the Marrickville municipality. Canines in Camperdown, Dulwich Hill, Enmore, Lewisham, Marrickville, Newtown, Petersham and St Peters are next on the list. We decided to register our two pooches because we loved the idea of having a lasting memento of the inner west, it was also an opportunity to get some great photos of our four-legged best friends whilst supporting an organisation that cares for animals less fortunate than our pampered pets. We love how Pierre captured our pugaliers in their territory. If you live in the Marrickville area and would like to register your dog, you can do so here. To see more pooch pics or find out more about My Dog's Territory you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


ZhangHuan_Buddha-30 ZhangHuan_Buddha-26






Hey Sydneysiders! This is your last chance to see the wonderfully serene, Sydney Buddha. Zhang Huan's 5 metre tall, 20 tonne installation is at Carriageworks for a few more days, the exhibition closes this Sunday, March 22nd. Installed in January as part of the Sydney Festival, I had hoped to return and photograph the giant incense sculpture and it's aluminium cast in the evening, when the shadows would be less harsh and also to see how the delicate ash figure had degraded over time but once again the days have gotten away from me.

“The piece conveys the collective memory, soul, thoughts and prayers, and collapse of mankind. It implies a collective ineffectiveness, arising from taking action when none should be taken, upsetting the natural order of things. As time passes, and humidity in the air changes, the ash crumbles to the ground naturally, I believe that in the moment that the Buddha collapses, innumerable groups of souls will be flying back to the east.” Zhang Huan

If you haven't seen the Sydney Buddha yet it really is worth a look and better yet, entry is free!


I took an introductory textile class earlier this year and absolutely loved it! The only disappointment was that I didn't discover it sooner as I would love to have explored surface and textile design further during my studies. As well as pattern and surface design I got to experiment with various dyeing techniques, thermoplastics, felting and embroidery. One of the assignments involved using an urban environment as inspiration for a series of patterns. I chose the Sydney Opera House for my urban environment, you might recall some of the photos I posted a while back from a tour I took of this iconic building. These photos were the basis of my design.

The shape of the Opera House  is easily recognisable, but I wanted my design to be contemporary and evoke a sense of the opera house without being a cliché. By looking closely and from different angles I noticed the patterns in the tiles,  so I combined these triangular, diamond and chevron shapes with arcs. The colours are inspired by dusk over the harbour and the  silhouettes created as the sun sets. I'm quite happy with the results and might try printing them digitally on to fabric.