A last minute getaway, to Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland, happily coincided with the biennial art event headland Sculpture on the Gulf.

Having been a regular visitor to Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney and Perth, I was excited to see the New Zealand equivalent. After an indulgent day of eating and drinking at one of Waiheke's many wineries, an evening stroll along the stunning coastline admiring these wonderful works of art was the perfect end to a beautiful day.

These are just some of the sculptures, hSGOTG is on until February 19, so if you happen to be in or around Auckland it is definitely worth jumping on the ferry and taking the short trip across the gulf to see this awesome event for yourself.

Feature Image: Phil Price Forbidden Tree

Anton Parsons Myopia

Paora Toi-Te-Rangiuaia Barry’s Catch

Virginia King Phantom Fleet 

Chris Booth Kinetic Fungi Tower


Robert Jahnk Kaokao

Tiffany Singh The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With One Step -  the stories of Beyond Refuge

Shannon Novak and Raimana Jones Twelve Intervals

Jae Kang Whirimori

Sriwhana Spong The Plum Tree

Chris Bailey Te Rerenga Wai o Tikapa Moana

Semisi Fetokai Potauaine Manuesina (White Bird and White Angel)




ZhangHuan_Buddha-30 ZhangHuan_Buddha-26






Hey Sydneysiders! This is your last chance to see the wonderfully serene, Sydney Buddha. Zhang Huan's 5 metre tall, 20 tonne installation is at Carriageworks for a few more days, the exhibition closes this Sunday, March 22nd. Installed in January as part of the Sydney Festival, I had hoped to return and photograph the giant incense sculpture and it's aluminium cast in the evening, when the shadows would be less harsh and also to see how the delicate ash figure had degraded over time but once again the days have gotten away from me.

“The piece conveys the collective memory, soul, thoughts and prayers, and collapse of mankind. It implies a collective ineffectiveness, arising from taking action when none should be taken, upsetting the natural order of things. As time passes, and humidity in the air changes, the ash crumbles to the ground naturally, I believe that in the moment that the Buddha collapses, innumerable groups of souls will be flying back to the east.” Zhang Huan

If you haven't seen the Sydney Buddha yet it really is worth a look and better yet, entry is free!


exxopolis-19 exxopolis-4









Attention Sydneysiders! You only have a few days left to experience Exxopolis, the giant inflatable sculpture that has been occupying the Sydney Opera House forecourt for the last few weeks. The Architects of Air have created another fantasy world of light and wonder that you can explore. Having seen one of their luminariums a couple of years ago, I knew it would be worth another visit. So if you haven't seen Exxopolis yet January 27th is the last day, don't miss out! And if you want to save a few bucks, book your tickets the day before.


I finally managed to get down to Sculpture by the Sea on the weekend. Ever since I moved to Sydney I have been meaning to check it out but I kept leaving it until the last minute and then for some reason I would never get there. I saw the sculpture park in Western Australia a couple of times, so I am happy I finally got to do the coastal walk on the opposite side of Australia! The walk between Bondi and Tamarama is pretty breathtaking already, the sculptures literally add another dimension. Sculpture by the Sea is on again in March 2013 at Cottesloe Beach in WA and also in June 2013 at Aarhus in Denmark.

Rachel Couper & Ivana Kuzmanovska - mirador

Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir (IS) - trace - sphere - gate

Cave Urban - mengenang (memory)

Jock Clutterbuck - waterlily 2009

Dave Mercer - view tm

Paul Kaptein - and in the endless pauses, there came a sound

Kate Stehr - the drogue

Gillie & Marc Schattner - the travellers have arrived

Alex Richie - kaleidoscope cube

Right: Ruth Downes & Geoff Webster - casting around

Karin van der Molen - surprise

Kristin McIver - view piece