I took an introductory textile class earlier this year and absolutely loved it! The only disappointment was that I didn't discover it sooner as I would love to have explored surface and textile design further during my studies. As well as pattern and surface design I got to experiment with various dyeing techniques, thermoplastics, felting and embroidery. One of the assignments involved using an urban environment as inspiration for a series of patterns. I chose the Sydney Opera House for my urban environment, you might recall some of the photos I posted a while back from a tour I took of this iconic building. These photos were the basis of my design.

The shape of the Opera House  is easily recognisable, but I wanted my design to be contemporary and evoke a sense of the opera house without being a cliché. By looking closely and from different angles I noticed the patterns in the tiles,  so I combined these triangular, diamond and chevron shapes with arcs. The colours are inspired by dusk over the harbour and the  silhouettes created as the sun sets. I'm quite happy with the results and might try printing them digitally on to fabric.