I've noticed lots of lovely cakes on Pinterest lately. The cakes I'm referring to are called ombré cakes, have you seen them? They are the cakes with a gradual colour change, either in the cake itself, or the icing. Today, I decided to make my own. Well try anyway! I quite like a bit of baking—more than cooking—but I wasn't prepared for this!

You can find the recipe I used here. I spread peach jam between each layer of cake. And the icing was added in layers, starting from the top and working down to darker icing at the base, then I smoothed over the whole lot to blend the colour.

Actually, it wasn't that hard. Just messy! I used just about every bowl in the house! With only one round cake tin I had to bake each layer separately. And my kitchen is pretty small so every bit of bench space was covered with dishes, cakes and icing!

But once I cut into it I forgot all about the chaos in the kitchen. Now all that is left to do is eat it! Oh, and the washing up.