MetroScreen_pattern MetroScreen_pattern_2

Yay! I can finally share with you a project I have recently finished. Late last year I was contacted by Metro Screen, an independent screen learning and development hub in NSW, they wondered if I would be interested in illustrating a pattern that they could use on their website, across social media and in print. Are you kidding? I would love to. So here it is. It is already being used online but I think that I am most excited about seeing it printed on posters, stationery and other promotional material. Metro Screen also made a little video of me working on this project. I find it harder to work when someone is watching me so it took a bit of convincing for me to agree to this. I am so used to be being behind a camera that it I wasn't sure I wanted to be in front it! I have been rather anonymous on my blog until now, so I am little nervous showing this, but here goes.

P.S. concentration faces are funny!