Picturette on instagram I have been a bit quiet on Instagram this past year, so I'm trying to get back in the habit. This is what I have been up to lately: makin' maps, frolicking on the Te Ara I Whiti (Lightpath), taking in the view at the top  Mt Victoria, looking for fairies at the bottom of these  Falls, printing scarves and trying to ignore the cold weather in the Wintergardens.


Illustrated map of inner west Sydney. It is almost 6 months since my husband and I left our little home in Sydney, for a new adventure in Auckland, New Zealand.

A couple of weeks ago I went back to Sydney to be part of an exhibition that explored Sydney's Inner West and it's inhabitants. I am quite enjoying life in Auckland but I do miss my old neighbourhood and everything it had to offer, so I drew this map as an ode to all of my favourite places, in and around Marrickville. I have since realised that my Sydney life pretty much revolved around eating and drinking—cafès, pubs and restaurants seem to dominate the landscape!

I really enjoyed working on this and am now planning a series of maps. Maybe Auckland next? It will be a good excuse for me to get out from behind my desk and explore more.

Oh! And I want to give a quick shout out to Endemic World who helped with the printing and transportation of my map. Not only do they offer fine art printing, they also stock a great range of contemporary, limited edition prints by New Zealand and international artists.


esc_web Do you remember the maps I designed a while back? Well the fine folk behind East Sydney Creative (ESC) asked me to design one for Escape Early on Wednesdays, a campaign promoting film, art, music and design in the East Sydney area. ESC invites you to enjoy exhibitions, gigs, talks, pop up cinema, installations and more, in and around Darlinghurst, Paddington, East Sydney and Surry Hills. Tonight you can yarn bomb, catch a film at the Paddington Town Hall or share Dirty Little Secrets and see a live performance at the Oxford Art Factory... and that's just for starters! Escape Early on Wednesdays is part of Art and About 2013 and runs from September 25 until October 16 2013. Check out the website or facebook page for more information.


In my old house, I had a destination scroll that listed all of the places my husband and I had visited together. But when we moved interstate we left a lot of things behind, including the destination scroll. We were only planning on staying in Sydney for a year but two years and a new house later we are still here! So I am making some new artwork for the walls. I could have updated our destination scroll and added our more recent travels but to be honest, I am a bit scrolled out! Destination scrolls and variations of them seem to be everywhere now and for me, they have lost a little of their charm. So instead I decided to make some maps of suburbs where we used to live. I know map artworks are popping up all over the place too but for now I am happy to have them hanging on my walls. I am thinking about adding some more and making a little series, what do you think?


So here is what I have been working on. I’ve had this idea for a few years but have only recently had time to give it a go. I really don’t like the idea of books being thrown away (or a lot of other things for that matter!). I know they can be recycled but their original beauty is lost, so I have been working on some papercuts that use old maps, books and other random scraps of paper—that would otherwise be thrown away—to create little pieces of art.

What do you think?

Hopefully people will see that just because something is no longer useful in it’s present form, it doesn’t mean it has no use at all.