10 days and counting!

!00 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016. Do you remember my post about the 100 Days Project? Well I've started, and I am 10% of the way there! I have decided to break it down into ten day lots so I feel some sense of achievement along the way, focusing on 100 days from the beginning feels quite daunting. And of course I completely ignored the advice given by previous 100 dayers and made it way more complicated and time consuming than it needed to be!

It is already looking different than I thought it would. I originally signed up because I wanted to commit to drawing something everyday. I decided to add photographic elements to the mix so I had a bit of room to move and experiment over the next few months. The first day arrived and my first attempt looked nothing like the picture in my head, so I tried something else and that kind of dictated the digital direction I have taken.  With 90 days to go, I still have plenty of time to experiment, so let's see what evolves.

I will be posting my 'chromalgams', as I have called them, on my 100 Days Project page. From there you can also check out what some of the other 1000+ participants have created. Or you can follow my progress on instagram.

Have you ever taken part in a project like this? What are your tips for making to the end? I'm gonna need them!


100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016.