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Hey Sydneysiders! This is your last chance to see the wonderfully serene, Sydney Buddha. Zhang Huan's 5 metre tall, 20 tonne installation is at Carriageworks for a few more days, the exhibition closes this Sunday, March 22nd. Installed in January as part of the Sydney Festival, I had hoped to return and photograph the giant incense sculpture and it's aluminium cast in the evening, when the shadows would be less harsh and also to see how the delicate ash figure had degraded over time but once again the days have gotten away from me.

“The piece conveys the collective memory, soul, thoughts and prayers, and collapse of mankind. It implies a collective ineffectiveness, arising from taking action when none should be taken, upsetting the natural order of things. As time passes, and humidity in the air changes, the ash crumbles to the ground naturally, I believe that in the moment that the Buddha collapses, innumerable groups of souls will be flying back to the east.” Zhang Huan

If you haven't seen the Sydney Buddha yet it really is worth a look and better yet, entry is free!