esc_web Do you remember the maps I designed a while back? Well the fine folk behind East Sydney Creative (ESC) asked me to design one for Escape Early on Wednesdays, a campaign promoting film, art, music and design in the East Sydney area. ESC invites you to enjoy exhibitions, gigs, talks, pop up cinema, installations and more, in and around Darlinghurst, Paddington, East Sydney and Surry Hills. Tonight you can yarn bomb, catch a film at the Paddington Town Hall or share Dirty Little Secrets and see a live performance at the Oxford Art Factory... and that's just for starters! Escape Early on Wednesdays is part of Art and About 2013 and runs from September 25 until October 16 2013. Check out the website or facebook page for more information.


Image I really like ribbon type. About a year ago I thought I would have a go at a design of my own. I started working on it, got a bit stuck, gave up and have only just looked at it again recently. The hardest bit was keeping the ribbon/tape in one piece. I had a look at some other examples of ribbon type for inspiration and to see if I could work out how they were designed but they all used broken sections of ribbon. As mine was using tape from a cassette I really wanted it to be one continuous piece. So this is where I'm at now, I just can't decide whether the tape should be black or white. What do you think?


Here it is in a bit more detail.