Pattern Play Foliage - by Mahani Del Borrello for Picturette Did you know that the temporary images Google sometimes places on it's home page are called Google Doodles? I didn't until now. And the only reason I found out is because one of these google doodles caught my eye and inspired this pattern. Anna Atkins was a British botanist and photographer. Using the sun, Atkins created beautiful cyanotypes of algae and ferns, they are thought to be the first photographic images printed in a book! Google celebreated her 216th birthday with this image.


Pattern Play Mark Making - by Mahani Del Borrello for Picturette My last couple of patterns have been quite abstract and graphic, so, inspired by the wonderful work of William Morris, I thought it was time for something a bit more decorative and feminine. Lately I have been busy working on logos and websites for other people and spending a lot of time in front of my computer screen, so it has been nice to pull out my pens and pencils and draw something just for me. I must make time to do it more often. What would you do if you had more hours in the day?