Near Wattle Cottage is Kookawood, a beautiful stone and timber house, that is also available for anyone looking for a rural retreat.

With breathtaking views from almost every vantage point there is hardly a need to leave the property. However, we did manage to do a bit of exploring while we were there.

Five minutes down the road is Lake Lyell, a great spot for camping, fishing and swimming.

A little bit further down the road again is Lithgow, a small city nestled in one of the many valleys in the area.

No trip to the Blue Mountains would be complete without visiting The Three Sisters. Unfortunately there was a bush fire a couple of days before we arrived and some of the walking paths were closed, but there were still spectacular views to be had from Echo Point.

And while you’re in the area a quick trip to Wentworth Falls is definitely worth it. ❤


Feeling weary from city living, it was resolved that a few days away were required to relax and unwind. A bit of research online (I love the internet!) uncovered Wattle Cottage, a secluded—and dog friendly—getaway not far from Lithgow in the Blue Mountains.

Having never visited the Blue Mountains before, I wasn’t sure what kind of weather to expect. On arrival it was misting with rain and quite chilly , lighting the wood fire in the cottage soon remedied that! The interior of Wattle Cottage was cosy and filled with so many treasures, collected by the owners, that the idea of exploring outside was soon forgotten.

The only problem encountered was that there was just not enough time to explore all this region has to offer in a few short days. A return trip is definitely on the cards! Maybe in winter when it is snowing.

There is too much to share in just one post so be sure to pop back soon for a little vacation from whatever else it is you should be doing!   ❤