100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2017. Thousands of hours of fun, frustration and hard work were celebrated on the weekend, as creatives from all walks of life came together to show their 100 Day Projects in Auckland.

From photography to typography; felt to food art; digital art to dolly pegs; pop-ups to plastic; and about every kind of pen, pencil and paintbrush you can imagine—this exhibition had it all! The one thing they had in common was the commitment to create one thing every day for 100 days. The range of projects, level of skill and dedication on display was astounding. And while this short but sweet show may be over, there isn't much time to relax, registrations for the 2017 100 Days Project have opened! So if you like the sound of this project, it's time to sign up and start planning. Remember, one thing, every day, x100.

Good luck!

100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2017.100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2017.100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2017.


100 days — what next?

100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016. It has almost been two weeks since my 100 Day Project finished, so here they are... all 100 days, along with a before and after to show how each day began. 100 days of adding colour to everyday scenes and my working hours. On the last day I felt a great sense of accomplishment, along with a huge wave of relief that it was over!  After I signed up for the project I received a couple of big illustration commissions and time became scarce, I also managed to tear a tendon in my drawing arm, so for a while there I felt like I was running a marathon with no sign of the finish line. But I made it! And even though my husband has asked me never to do this again (it really did take over my life for a while!), I have had brief thoughts of other projects I could attempt next... maybe not for 100 days though!

Looking at this collection of tiny thumbnails now, it is hard for me to see the hundreds of hours of work they took to create. After a little thought, I've decided to publish them in a book, so I have a tangible record of the whole project. It is easier to appreciate something solid that you can physically see and touch rather than just look at on a screen. And while not all of the images are in New Zealand, a lot of them are, so it will be like an album of places I have explored in my first year of living in Auckland. I am also going to print some of my favourites and get them framed—I just have to decide which days I like best!

And I'm really looking forward to February 2017, when there will be an exhibition in Auckland showing the work of fellow hundred dayers. I can't wait to see the projects en masse and talk to other participants about their creative journeys. I will share the exhibition details a bit closer to the opening.

In the meantime, I have some photos that have been sitting around waiting for me to edit and share, so keep an eye out :)


100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016.

100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016.

Before and after.


100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016. Woohoo! I made it to Day 20! Focusing on this small milestone and not how many days there are until I reach 100.

Daily updates here and here.

And if you're wondering, Kiss Kiss is a restaurant in Auckland, they dish up the most delicious food!



100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016.

10 days and counting!

!00 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016. Do you remember my post about the 100 Days Project? Well I've started, and I am 10% of the way there! I have decided to break it down into ten day lots so I feel some sense of achievement along the way, focusing on 100 days from the beginning feels quite daunting. And of course I completely ignored the advice given by previous 100 dayers and made it way more complicated and time consuming than it needed to be!

It is already looking different than I thought it would. I originally signed up because I wanted to commit to drawing something everyday. I decided to add photographic elements to the mix so I had a bit of room to move and experiment over the next few months. The first day arrived and my first attempt looked nothing like the picture in my head, so I tried something else and that kind of dictated the digital direction I have taken.  With 90 days to go, I still have plenty of time to experiment, so let's see what evolves.

I will be posting my 'chromalgams', as I have called them, on my 100 Days Project page. From there you can also check out what some of the other 1000+ participants have created. Or you can follow my progress on instagram.

Have you ever taken part in a project like this? What are your tips for making to the end? I'm gonna need them!


100 Days Project. © Mahani Del Borrello 2016.


100DAYS I just signed up to take part in the 100 Days Project .

The idea is this, create one thing, every day for 100 days and document it. Your project can be as simple or as complex as you like, just keep in mind you will be doing it for the next 100 days!

Past projects have included animation, beading, collage, crochet, gifs, illustration, music composition, painting, photography, poetry, printmaking, sculpture, sewing, tattoos and typography! You can find more inspiration and information at the link above.

So how about? Are you ready to get creative?

Registration is open until the 20th of August, 2016.


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