lamington-5 In preparation for Australia Day, I made an Aussie icon---the humble lamington. If you have never encountered a lamington before they consist of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate, then rolled in coconut. Upon searching for a recipe, I discovered that there are various methods, which left me wondering which version to make. Should I use ganache or icing? Should I spread jam in the middle of the lamington? Should I use dessicated or shredded coconut? The consensus amongst my friends was that you should only use jam if you are adding cream, so to kept it simple I went with icing, no jam and toasted shredded coconut (I think toasting the coconut was the best decision I made!). I didn't use one recipe in particular but if you would like to make your own lamingtons the links below may be of some use, I particularly like the idea of mini lamingtons that can be eaten in one bite!

Happy Australia Day!

Little Lamingtons Chocolate Lamingtons with Toasted Coconut Joyce Pascoe's CWA Lamington Recipe Tips for making Lamingtons


Christmas_Card I was having a clean up the other day and came across some prints I started a while ago that I never finished. Do you remember the Christmas cards I made last year? Well I used one of the designs to screenprint some larger prints, but they kind of sat there for a while and I wasn't sure what to with them and I lost interest (or inspiration). So, sitting at home on a rainy Sydney Saturday and with Christmas around the corner I decided to chop them up and make some more cards. It seems this design was always destined to be festive. I hope you are also having a crafty and creative weekend :)


So, I completely ran out of time for 52 Fridays this week and by the time you read this I will be winging my way to another state for a long weekend and a reunion with old friends. In the meantime here are some more Christmas decorations I made. I cut a length of balsa wood into cubes, painted triangles on them and attached some ribbon to hang them. I think they wil look quite good next to my mini pompoms.

Happy Friday :)