Wow! My first ever blog post. As somebody who gets anxious about writing in a greeting card this is quite scary! But as this is the way the world is going I thought I had better get over my fear and keep up.

I have decided that “reformed” is an appropriate title for this blog as I have recently made changes in just about every aspect of my life. I’ve changed the way I think, my career and the state in which I live. And possibly the most terrifying change of all… sharing my thoughts and ideas… in a blog… with strangers! Though I am hoping you won’t be strangers for long.

Actually, now that I think about it I am probably more afraid of people I know reading this than the people I don’t!

So what will you find here? A bit of photography, a bit of graphic design, and other random design related stuff that I happen to find inspiring and hope you do to. I’ve mentioned my aversion to writing so you will be glad to hear that after this post there will definitely be less words and more pictures!